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9. Why say First tri-vision is the best tri-vision manufacturing enterprise in China?
    At present, First is the tri-vision manufacturing enterprise with the largest sales volume. Taking "marketing localization" as objective, the First tri-vision products sales have covered over 120 countries and areas, and it has established 6 agent organs overseas, and 11 offices and 5 service centers in domestic.
[Strength  Assurance of Quality]
    Dongguan Space Electronic Science & Tech Co., Ltd. is a "private-owned technological enterprise" firmly believed by Guangdong Provincial Technological Hall. The foundation base locates in Dongguan, which is a famous worldwide manufacturing city, owns nearly 10,000 m2 production workshop, personnel with good technology and complete production equipment.
    In the 13 development years, Space devoted to develop new products, innovate technology, directly solve demands of products for customer, make "First" strong brand, go to outdoor-media market; at the same time, push the China advertising industry develop rapidly.
    At present, based on "First" brand, Space has owned following products: Large tri-vision F3V-136, medium tri-vision F3V-131, small tri-vision F3V-60 and mini-size tri-vision F3V-33.
[Innovation  Power of enterprise]
    In 2008, we declared the slogan of new brand "First-let you make money much happily". In order to really realize making money happily and without worries, and to satisfy diversified demands of customer, innovation becomes the largest power in the advancing road. Our company employs experts with senior working experience to ceaselessly perfect existing products; meanwhile develop new products to satisfy professional demands of market and customers at each level. Space "First" products have obtained 12 patents.
    Owning "First" makes your billboard own perfect visual effect. Automatic reset system ensures each turning can reset automatically and avoid uneven plane due to disorder of triangular prism.
    Owning "First" means you own reliant quality. The self-researched and developed stepping gear drive system is the only one can be removed in China, which operates stably and can operate freely under bad environments, such as strong sunshine and wind. It reduces originating rates of fault from foundation.
[Quality  Foundation of Brand]
    Adhering to the quality concept of "keep improving and innovation" and instructed by the quality principle of "technological innovation, excellent quality, market verification and good public praise"; the month inspection qualification rate of finished products is larger than or equal to 98%; on-time delivery ratio monthly is larger than or equal to 95%; customers' complaints time monthly less than or equal to 2 times; First successfully passed the authentication of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system.
    During the production process of First tri-vision, strictly abide by quality and follow close to the line of "three-resolute principle"
Unqualified tri-vision raw materials shall not be used;
Unqualified tri-vision shall not be produced;
Unqualified tri-vision billboard shall not be entered into market.
[Service  Witness of Strength]
    With the rational development of tri-vision advertising market customers, when choosing and buying tri-vision advertising equipment, more and more customers pay attention to safety of utilization, technology and quality of tri-vision billboard, at the same time, they pay more attention to the after-sales service of tri-vision equipment.
    "First" takes "helping customers to realize customer's dream of making money happily without worries" as tenet, and adheres to the service concept of ¡°cherishing every chance, caring every customer and winning everyone¡¯s public praise¡±. From the customer wants to buy products to the exhausted of product, we will serve you carefully and provide every customer who buy ¡°First¡± products with all-round service, including pre-sales, sales and after-sales. Especially after-sales service, we will provide you with sincere extend service, including following service items:
     ¢Ù Provide technological training freely;
     ¢Ú Free technological consultation telephone;
     ¢Û Provide freely spare parts and fittings within warranty period;
     ¢Ü During the warranty period, maintain service network, examine roundly, and supply comprehensive united service;
    Our company possesses an after-sales service team with abundant experience, providing customers with most instant and qualified service, really making you make money happily without worries!
    Lead times tide, and create new space of advertisement. First will create three-win example with you!
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