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5. How to choose a good tri-vision manufacturing enterprise?
With the rational development of tri-vision advertising market customers, when choosing and buying tri-vision advertising equipment, more and more customers pay attention to safety of utilization, technology and quality of tri-vision billboard; at the same time, they pay more attention to the after-sales service of tri-vision equipment. There are six keys in choosing a good tri-vision manufacturing enterprise:
I. Select a tri-vision manufacturing enterprise with accountability and all-round service (including pre-sales, sales and after-sales).
II. Select a professional manufacturer with large scale and strong strength. Prior to the first cooperation, it is suggested to visit plant area and production process to understand performance, materials, specification and producing area of tri-vision equipment.
III. Select a manufacturer with quality assurance, and know the relevant quality of enterprise.
IV. Select a manufacturer with good service reputation, thus, after installation, the warranty, maintenance and spare and accessory parts replacing of tri-vision can be guaranteed.
V. Experience successful case or customer witness.
VI. The good tri-vision manufacturing enterprise should have "marketing localization" network platform and after-sales service promising detailed time (First develops the mechanism of after-sales 24-hour rapid response), and warranty bill should be obtained from manufacturer and saved well as warrant.
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