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3. What are competitive advantages and selling points of First tri-vision?
    Facing the fierce competition of tri-vision market, profit margin of each manufacturer is different, so the product orientation and marketing mode are different; every manufacturer has different way on price, but First must caution against tri-vision manufacturer: if reduce price, you can not cheat in work and cut down material; use bad goods to instead of good products; fooling consumers will hurt manufacturer itself finally; First will take the side of consumers, and we believe the excellence First Team is your best cooperator in the work and you honest friends in your life. In one word: there is no good product at low price!
    The immutable discipline of First is to let you make money happily, and First tri-vision has six competitive advantages: 
First competitive advantage: professional manufacturing and installation advantage
Through over ten years operation development and ceaseless completeness, the enterprise accumulates abundant advertising making experience and installation experience. Under continual development of market economy, we have cultivated an exquisite team who are professional in manufacturing and installation and they can obtain qualification of supplying service to customer all over the world after company's strict technology training and assessment. It effectively ensures the quality of service and products supplied to customer. Prior to products installation and construction, we provide customers with detailed material and drawing illumination, turn over each installation standard and acceptance index to customers and invite customers to supervise and instruct during the process of construction.
Second competitive advantage: Excellent craftsmanship and scientific research
Demands of market, requirement of customer, unsatisfying status quo and ceaseless technology innovation are our advanced power. Our company employs experts with senior working experience as technology adviser of technology development and products improvement; meanwhile, our company gathers a group of industrial products development elites who have active thought and exquisite expert knowledge to perfect existing products continually and develop new products to satisfy professional demands of market and customers at each level. At present, we have researched and developed successfully demountable stepping gear propulsion system, which is the originated in China and makes operation and maintenance of products more convenient and faster; meanwhile, the research personnel are working hard to improve and develop other systems. We know that innovation is the eternal principle in the universe, and unchanging means lag and failure. We believe we will keep moving as far as our heart could reach.
Third competitive advantage: international cooperation on technique
In order to develop international market well, we separately carry on the technological exchange and the discussion through the international advertisement profession technology business conference with the overseas well-known enterprise experts; has absorbed the essence which we need, to improve the technology and quality of our product. Simultaneously we have developed own business agent in places such as Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, which developed the international trade market to advance to further step for us. We believed that, Walks the international enterprise development path is the inevitable choice!
Fourth competitive advantage: marketing planning and brand
Our company possesses a professional marketing planning team and a group of sales elite with enthusiasm and energy. By specialized training and concept cultivation, every personnel in the company owns marketing concept and service sense; by ceaseless hard-working and exploring, we have established sales network and after-sales service in all areas around China, which makes our products can provide customers with qualified service and support in the shortest time during the process of presales, sales and after-sales. Our marketing concept is to make strong brand of First "marketing localization" network platform, to create "three-win" example and to realize long-term strategic objective of !
Fifth competitive advantage: all-round service idea 
"First" tri-vision is from Guangdong Dongguan, which is a famous city for its international manufacturing industry. The materials of products are broad and excellent. Based on support of complete and advanced manufacturing technology and predominant geographic position, we require more on material quality and overall quality; after connecting to international quality standard, our products leap on the quality orientation. We plan to make a first-class products brand, international quality standard and domestic market price, and supply service to old and new customers. Other same industries can not compare with this advantage.
Sixth competitive advantage: geographic location
By several years market operation; we have successfully converted the traditional after-sales sense to all-round service system throughout the whole market, renewed service concept. Solve actual problems for customers by information service before selling, professional instruction and quality guarantee during selling and customer visit and following, technology transferring after sales. Really relieve customers' worries. We are aware that every chance that customers give is the turning point of checking and improving quality and brand of First. Therefore, we are ready for the checking and improving.  
Eight technical selling points of First tri-vision:
1. New-type double-tooth dismountable and adjustable stepping gear:
Function: it is convenient to maintain and exchange. The common tools can repair;
2. New-type bearing seat fastener:
Function: the maximum bearing parts of advertising machine realize the transformation of stress from point to face, ensuring safe running of advertising machine;
3. New-type upper triangle cover:
Function: ensure the safety of fixed point on triangular prism;
4. Bearing and anti-water and dust cover are equipped in upper triangle cover:
Function: Ensure un-deformation of triangular prism, and smooth picture;
        Relieve the stress of drive system;
        Prolong service life of motor;
5. New-type mandrel assembly:
Function: Avoid erosion of spring and steel shaft due to exposure, ensuring its safety;
        The stress of fixed parts on triangular prism realized the transformation from point to face, ensuring no falling of triangular prism;
        Change to three-point positioning from single-point positioning, ensuring absolute uprightness of triangular prism, smooth picture and even gap;
6. Fine adjust flat-regulation screw:
Function: it is convenient to horizontal adjustment of single-piece triangular prism, ensuring flatness of triangular prism;
7. Auto protection system:
Function: when triangular prism stops to run due to subjected to exogenic action, it will not damage parts of drive system and motor, but it can protect triangular prism stops to return to home position; 
8. Stainless steel screw of complete equipment:
  Function: avoid the problem of easy to rust of common screw and prolong service life of complete machine;
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