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2. How to choose tri-vision with good quality?
    Tri-vision usually has the statement of "thirty percent product and seventy percent installation", which actually is wrong; First emphasizes: tri-vision with good quality should be "100% product, 100% installation and 100% maintenance".
    Before leaving factory, the strict inspections have been made on First tri-vision products; the products will be shipped according to quality control process after 48-hour smooth operation. At this time, tri-vision is only semi-manufactured goods, and it will become manufactured goods after installing according to Installation Standards of First Tri-vision and debugging, so, the installation is very important. 
    Why First always emphasizes maintenance is also very important? Tri-vision products are just like automobile, periodically changing engine oil, maintenance and cleaning and changing wearing parts can ensure safety running; tri-vision is the product combined machine with electron; moreover, it is handicraft production, so, it can not ensure there is no problem. During free conservation period of First, there are several times of convention conservation, periodical inspection and conservation, including perspicuity of corresponding parts; it will not begin to maintain when there is problem on tri-vision, just like automobile, it reaches the unsafe driving period at that time. In order to guarantee safety performance of tri-vision billboard and prolong service life of tri-vision billboard, so it is important to maintain tri-vision.   
    In order to make you make money happily without worry, First will sign "sincere extend service" with you even if your tri-vision billboard is beyond quality warranty period, and really making you "make money more happily!"
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