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11.Followings are suggestions given for buying tri-vision products:
    Actually, tri-vision is not fresh thing. The tri-vision manufacturers emerge. For living, some manufacturer will change a place after make a business; however, it harms our common tri-vision consumers. Moreover, the protective strength of China consumers' association is limited. 
    Developing to now, you will be clear after you using tri-vision products.
    Recently, First helped many users have solved the problems brought by other tri-vision manufacturer. First undertakes the responsibility of maintaining tri-vision industry, changes many tri-vision billboards made by other manufacturer, making the former stopped tri-vision turning freely. Meanwhile, make some cities accept tri-vision billboards setting, which let tri-vision have existing space.
    Tri-vision billboard is the equipment combined machine with electron, and they are handicraft production, so, it can not ensure there is no problem. First advocates that: the products provided with customers firstly should face audience, and face customer. The profit oneself at the expense of others shall not be done.
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