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10. What are the differences between First F3V-136 and F3V-131 on technology?
      Through six items roundly technological innovation, First F3V-136 brings you with true experience of making money happily. As fore stable, safety and picture, F3V-136 blends tri-vision dynamic art and exquisite process into details, and turn on new chapter of tri-vision for you with mature strength. The design of tri-vision F3V-136 is unique:
1. External frame specification: 165mm*160mm, promote the balance beauty of outdoor billboard.
2. External frame color: the color can be selected according to installation site of tri-vision billboards and around building environment. There are totally 5 kinds of color, showing individualization.
3. Drive: adopt cam propulsion system. The stepping gear can be removed and adjusted, which is more convenient and instant to maintain. And it will delay customers to put advertisement due to too long advertising picture staying time.
4. The width of triangular prism is 136mm; the picture of large-size outdoor tri-vision billboards displays auto kinetic effect, and it will have more attraction.
5. The twisting force of driven shaft and mandrel is much stronger, making turning of tri-vision billboard much smoother.
6. All fix screws have sealing, owning such functions as waterproof, dustproof and rust-proof, which are more durable and make running life of tri-vision billboard much longer.
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