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Large Tri-vision F3V-136
     ·Standard straight
     ·Standard T-pole
     ·Standard arc
     ·Super-high straight
     ·Super-high arc
     ·Standard straight+Standard arc
     ·Super-high straight+Super-high arc
Medium Tri-vision F3V-131
     ·Standard straight
     ·Standard T-pole
     ·Standard arc
     ·Super-high straight
     ·Super-high arc
Small Tri-vision F3V-60
Peculiar Tri-vision F3V-60
Mini Tri-vision F3V-33
Form type
 Home > Product > Medium Tri-vision F3V-131|Super-high arc
1. Main material: special aluminum alloy, environmental protection type with advantages of firm, not easy to cause deformation, durable and not easy to cause oxidation.
2. Outer frame specification: 145mm(width)*160mm(thickness)
3. Width of triangular prism: 131mm, thickness 1.35mm2.0mm
4. Weight in working order: about 20kg per square meter
5. Drive: cam propulsion system. The drive is steadier without wobbling; the turning is more compactness without deviation;
6. Drive shaft: solid-core aluminum shaft with diameter of 2 centimeter, the twisting force is strong and the drive is smooth;
7. Super-high connecting piece: materials are steel plate machine shaping, so, they are tough and not easy to cause deformation.
8. Picture composition: 7.0 m triangular prism without connection; the length is not limited.
9. Picture gap: confirm according to the height of tri-vision billboard.
10. Picture turning time: 6-15 seconds per picture (it has set before leaving factory).
11. Picture staying time: set freely between 0 second to 900 seconds.
12. Tri-vision power supply: voltage: 220V; current: 0.54A, frequency: 50HZ and power: 90W.
13. Wind resistance capability: within Scale 10.
14. Running life: if the installation is qualified, calculating 16 hours per day, the normal life is 15 years.
1. Motor: Japanese Panasonic 90W stepping motor with good heat emission, low vibration, high performance and long service life.
2. Control system: French Schneider with such functions as active protection automatic reset and intelligent control picture staying time, etc.
It is applicable to such large-scale outdoor advertising medium as T-type vertical shaft, roof advertisement, wall advertisement, overpass advertisement, etc.
Model:F3V-131 Super-high arc

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